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Kayla is Black and Native/Afro-Indigenous. Born in Japan and fluent in Mandarin, Kayla chose to honor the cultures by naming our brand, FUKU. FUKU can be defined as good fortune, government treasury and clothes.

She is currently studying International Politics and Economics with the goal to serve as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Being Afro-Indigenous, Kayla is proud to see the Puyallup Tribes of Indians flag stand, in the Tacoma City Chamber. She was a force in advocating for Indigenous Peoples’ Day for the city of Tacoma. She did this by petitioning and reaching diplomatic conclusions through meaningful dialogue with lawmakers and members of her local city council members.


Kayla thrives at building relationships in communities that have a historically blemished relationship with the United States. She understands that we can’t successfully solve issues that plague our planet without debate and discussion. Honest and open-minded dialogue must be at the forefront of societal change, and FUKU Activism is here to drive that conversation.

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A: Tacoma, WA & Worldwide 

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